Rideshare that's as open as the internet

The future of transportation is open, transparent and interoperable.

Coming soon to iOS

The Internet was never
meant to be owned by a single company.

Closed platforms

A single company controls everything, sets the prices, and makes all the rules.

This is the old model.

Open protocols

Entrepreneurs work together and create an open market.

Participants have a say in all the aspects of how the system works.

No single company controls everything.

This is the new model.

Start the movement.

We're about to go live in the United States.

Step 1

Download the app

Teleport is your gateway to the open rideshare network.
Coming to iOS soon.

Step 2

Invite your friends

Help the network grow by referring new drivers and riders.

Step 3

Bring Teleport to new cities

Help the network grow by starting your own rideshare company.

Step 4

Ride and drive with Teleport

Every ride grows the ecosystem.

Anyone can help, get in touch.